About us – The Wolf Cases USA

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About us

We are a youth group from Bucharest and we seek to bring value to young people’s lives here,in Romania.Together we decided to offer a perfect mix to our customers,consisting of fair prices,guaranteed quality and unique designs.We help people to express their passions and their lifestyle through our custom products.We know the feeling of being passionate about gaming,personalities or TV series.Trust us,we really know.We think that standard products that you can find in any regular shop are overwhelmed:Guardo emphasizes the young spirit and each individual’s interests.

Our vision

Our vision is based on the customer,who buys online a product that meets his requirements but it also fulfills its utility,at a fair cost.We rely on accessible prices resulted both from specific partnerships with our suppliers and shipping directly from factories.This way,our customers have the possibility to save money and invest them wisely in other passions that characterize them. Values Honesty:we think that,especially in this competitive environment,honesty is the key of success,both in the relationship with the customer,which we try to keep it transparent,and in our online shop statute.

We respect our responsibilities in order to offer a honest and suitable service. Perseverance:our passions keep us motivated in this journey. We proposed the idea,we have worked towards it and Guardo has advanced from idea to reality.We want to get through this service as close as we can to those who need us,to satisfy as many customers as we can and to achieve a high performance as an online store.

Customer-targeted:we want to be close to our customers in the whole buying process,we are available for phone and online assistance every day from 12 PM to 12 AM. To access the FAQ page please click here.